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*peeks head around door* Are there any Invisible Collector Gnomes here?


Ah good.  So what’s this?

It’s the TOE Ring.

You’ve made toe rings for Skyrim?

No, not toe rings for toes, but the TOE Ring.  It’s the Totally Overpowered Enchanted Ring, featuring TOE (Totally Overpowered Enchantment) technology.

Huh? What?

OK, one night the Invisible Collector Gnomes…


There aren’t, well not actually here which is what you asked.  Anyway, hush!

The Invisible Collector Gnomes, having now escaped Sithis(1), were practicing cooking one night.  They mixed together a giant’s toe, a mammoth cheese bowl and some moon sugar and decided to see what it tasted like.  Unfortunately, what it tasted like can’t be mentioned in polite company, but they called it toe jam.  As they’re totally down with recycling and against food wastage, they decided to keep hold of it and see if they could find a use for it.

A few nights later, they were practising their smithing in a hope to build a device that would transport them back to their own dimension, when one of them dropped a silver ruby ring and some of the toe jam into the forge and the two mixed together.  To the Invisible Collector Gnomes, it hadn’t made a difference to the ring, but just to be on the safe side they threw the ring away.

A short while later a mage, called Morris(2), found the ring and sensing immense power, took it home to study it.  He discovered that it added 100% to alchemy, all the magicka schools, resistances, and regeneration, as well as adding 100 to the core stats.  He passed the details on to Farengar, but because of the things with the dragons, he was a bit distracted and didn’t get around to reading the letter.


Actually I did it, just for the sake of it just to see what happened when I added so many enchantments, and it seems to work as intended.

Right, so how do I get it?

Either follow the instructions above to make the Toe Jam at the cooking station, get a silver ruby ring and make it at the forge, disenchant it (optional) and then have some fun enchanting necklaces, circlets or rings.  If you have short term memory loss or something, then just get the note from the table in the room next to Farengar’s bedroom in Dragonsreach, and it will explain it.

Any conflicts or known issues?

Probably not.  It might have a problem with anything that alters Dragonsreach, but unless it moves stuff around on the table the note is placed on it should be fine.


1:  See my Void Summons mod for how the collector gnomes ended up in Skyrim.

2:  He really likes dancing and drum and bass.  See the videos tab

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