The ULTIMATE M’aiq the Liar Companion Mod

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I have changed the vanilla M’aiq the Liar with my own version, he stills wears and looks the same, but acts completely different. You can find him in the bannered mare awaiting instructions.

I changed a lot of M’aiqs stats, he will now eat and sleep, he will wander in only the places he is left or the bannered mare. He is now a level 110 follower, making him the perfect ally for higher difficulties, so he won’t level with you but is far stronger then his base game self!

He uses two ebony daggers to fight and holds a bit more skooma then he normally would!

Mod Features:

* M’aiq the Liar as a follower

(more features in future)

M’aiq the Liar stats:

* Level 110 (won’t level with player)

* Uses two ebony daggers by default

* Will act very aggressive towards anyone who attacks his ally’s (aka you)

* Enjoys drinking skooma in his spare time to increase…..cognitive functions….yeah lets go with that


The Bannered Mare in Whiterun

You won’t find a separate M’aiq roaming the world anymore, he has been removed from the random events, but replaced for something far better. The ultimate M’aiq the Liar mod, which you will be able to find on vanilla Skyrim, Special Edition Skyrim and hopefully by the time you read this in the future, Skyrim on PlayStation 4 and Xbox one!

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