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Merylin follower[font=Roboto]

Our goal is always the same, recreate real people in Skyrim Game.

Our objective this time  was to recreate Busty Merylin face and body to the last detail.

Merylin Sakova is one of the most famous busty models.

We customized everything both textures and meshes to make this “dream come true”.

This is not a standard follower made in bodyslide or moving some face point in racemenu.

It is an artwork made from real Merylin fans.

About the mod:

The appearance of this follower is the vision of the mod authors, requests for changes may or may not be considered. Mesh for the head parts and body are custom. Textures created and others altered to represent this character. This mod is independent of any body type or textures used as a vanilla re-placer. It is completely standalone. There will be no offering as cbbe. Use HDT Physics Extension and all its dependencies if so desired. All screens and videos by the mod author are in-game using an ENB.

Choose only one version, different versions can not be installed at the same time.

Four  versions possible:

1)  Merylin Version 1 Young

 Represents her at start of her modelling career.

2)  Merylin Version 2  Top

 Represents her mid in her modelling career you have 2 hairs possible to choose

3)  Merylin Version 3 Mature

 Represents her at the conclusion of her modelling career.

4)  Merylin Version 4 Experimental

 This is an experimental  version , just for fun, we used all our knowledge to make her identical to the real one

Mod may cause slow downs, stuttering, black textures or follower invisibility on lower end machines or game setups with Hi Res textures and script heavy mods.

Follower statistics:

She is a companion, she will accompany you on your adventures.

She is a one handed, war axe wielding melee warrior. Slightly overpowered.

[/font][font=Roboto][font=Roboto]Her perks are all based on a melee warrior style.

She has her own race.

She has her own XPMSE skeleton.

Set as essential.


Weight 100.

Height is 1.00 for her race.

Voice type is Female Even Toned.

She is waiting in the Dragonsreach upper balcony.


You can control her effectiveness in combat by giving her weapons with lower or higher rated damage.

Her inventory includes  outfits that are the same for all the versions

She will wear whatever you leave in her inventory.

Suggest EFF, Extensive Follower Framework by Expired6978 for follower management.

Outfits included are:

1) Black Corset set

Includes : black corset, gloves,  heels with stockings, panties

Can upgrade by smithing and enchantable.

2) Dragons crown set

Includes :  belt, panties, boots, gloves, corset, skirt

3) Merylin monokini set

Includes : two bras and swimsuit

[/font][font=Roboto][font=Roboto]4) Merylin dress


Weapon included is a custom war axe, can upgrade by smithing and enchantable.


NiOverride High Heels Fixes or Racemenu. Note: Racemenu contains NiOverride High Heel Fixes.

Note: Body mesh is a custom sculpt, high poly, 100 weight, for this follower only.

The mesh was not produced with bodyslide, therefore is not compatible with bodyslide.

All outfits are hand fit to the body. She uses her own body when equipping outfits, there is no body or body parts in the outfits except for the Dragons Crown Corset.

Please comment and endorse if you believe the mod is worthy.




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