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The_Sanctuary is a player home that I have been working on off-and-on for the last five years, it is also my first mod. As a lover of Skyrim, I wanted something that was open and airy, but with plenty of room for me to RP and have all the followers and children I wanted, but only ever found player homes that felt like labyrinths if they were large enough. As a lover of architecture, 3d modeling, and videogames I took it upon myself to learn how to work CK if only to sate my own frustration, but decided that I would add it to the Nexus if I ever got to a near-functional state. 

This mod is nowhere near done, but I wanted to post it anyway. I will be updating it. 


-All vanilla crafting stations

-Beds for 6+ kids

-Beds for 16+ followers

-Stable with space for 4 horses



Just north of Riverwood.

The key for the house is right by the main door.

Compatibility Notes:

-As there are trees within the house any mods that make trees larger won’t be very realistic and may break the mod.

-Any other mods that change the world space where this mod is located will make this mod break.


I use ModOrganizer but there are other mod programs you can use easily. 

If you want to add it manually, just plop the .esp and .bsa into the main Skyrim data folder, copy and paste the Texture and Meshes folders into the data folder and let it override the folders if prompted (it will not override the files within, it will only add to the main Texture and Meshes folders).  

I highly recommend using ModOrganizer or NexusModManager.  Requires:



Works in Progress:

-Interactive bookshelves

-Displays for all of the unique vanilla items

-Armory with working mannequins, shield racks, dagger display cases, and weapon racks

-Bathtub with auto-strip

-A mod version with only one cell, as the main bedroom is in another cell 

-A mod version with more resources, and NPC house-keeper

-Cloud storage connecting other player-homes 

-Improved front stairs and exterior front entry

-The two exterior chests are safe to put belongings into without respawn 

-Intro Quest 


 Thank you so much for allowing me to use your mod resources! They have added some much-needed flavor in the creation of this mod.










Notes on File Size:

As this is my first mod I have no idea why this mod is such a HUGE file, even when considering that I used many resources and it’s large with 2 cells. 

Not sure how to fix this. 

Known Bug(s):

– On one of the stairs, there is an invisible wall that I can not seem to fix. Sometimes it is there and sometimes it is not. I will continue to try and fix this.

– The kitchens fire is LOUD. I am trying to fix this.  

–  Not sure if the two exterior chests are safe to put belongings in. 

If you find bugs please post a comment, but as I am very busy it may take a long time to get a fix.


-Always take all belongings and followers/kids out of the house before updating just in case.

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