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I have come bearing a new waifu. Her name is Callie, she’s 19, and she’s a destruction mage but can also heal you up a little bit and she can also lockpick some stuff for that extra little bit of gold. She doesn’t use the level up with player perk and she’s only a level 20 mage, because I don’t like overpowered followers and actually like to do work when I’m playing the game. I play at Master difficulty so if you play at that level, or Legendary, or even Expert, she’s very useless at defeating enemies but she can try to heal you as long as you can defend her somehow. Sorry. However, if you want one where she levels up with you just tell me. Her only body mesh version right now is 7BO, CBBE will come soon (maybe like an hour later as I post this who friggin’ knows). NO SSE version coming from me, unless someone would like to help. An elf ear version is coming soon as well for my elf waifu familia.

She’s located in The Bannered Mare!

I also included her CME and RaceMenu preset files for you, so if you want to use her for gameplay or as a base for your preset, all I ask is for some credit. 😀 However, if you see some weirdos trying to sell her as a preset and/or remade follower version for money please tell me so I can beat their ass thank u.



    [*]Frost Rune

    [*]Healing Hands


    [*]Apprentice Destruction

    [*]Apprentice Restoration

    [*]Apprentice Lockpicking

    [*]Light Foot


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