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Ever play through a quest and you end up killing half of a city? Ever wonder why no one moved into their house even though you have 5

different immersion mods that add npcs to cities? Well, now your cities

will be slightly less empty.

This is a lite version of my original sse mod.

Npcs this mod touches.





    vantus loreius



















How this works: The above listed npcs will have a deed spawn on them that you can use to activate the replacer npc. The one for Cidhna Mine is near a torch in the escape route for Cidhna Mine.

SSE Version.

Different name since it is a simpler remake of one of my mods. I might delete the original mod since i’ve abandoned it.

Known Issues

To avoid making this more complicated i have not created new cells for the npcs. This will mean the original location will keep its’ name. The only way to fix this is with skse and i don’t feel like updating this every time Bethesda breaks skse.

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