Thiella – The Thunder Sword

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[font=Times New Roman]Thiella – The Stormblade

They watch. They wait. They will not be denied their right…

While doing a favour for Jarl Elisif the Fair, the Dragonborn happens upon a curious chest guarded by Thalmor, who for some reason seem to be eager to pilfer her content, but for some reason… are unable.

Undertake a small quest to recover the key and the treasure from the chest, left there for you by your blood brother, countless years ago…



Type: One-handed Sword

Base damage: 15, 6 critical

Weight: 15

Reach: 1.0

Speed: 1.0


Thiella can be improved on grindstone with 1 Silver Ingot and 1 Quicksilver Ingot. It benefits from Ebony Smithing perk which doubles the improvement.


The base enchantment of Thiella is 20 Shock damage per strike. However, due to material and origin, Thiella also boasts extra damage against all things unholy: undead, werewolves, daedra, you name it. As this is the innate property of the blade, rather than enchantment, the extra damage persists even after the charge is spent.


HelelBenShahaar: concept art, idea, lore

RonnieMagnum: models and textures

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