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A reboot of my Thieves Guild Redone mod, using all the skills I’ve learned since creating that mod. This mod will improve the Guilds appearance as you progress through the storyline, and as your character commits acts of Thievery throughout Skyrim (this process is very slow, and not possible to upgrade completly before actually finishing the questline. Once completing the TG questline, there is now more to do involving the guild. I’ve included (with permissions) several popular mods from the Nexus, modified to my liking, as well borrowed ideas and concepts from other mod authors. The mod has grown larger then I set out, but I’m quite happy with the final product. There are a couple of kinks I am still working on, but nothing game breaking, just things not working as smoothly as I would like. So I’ve uploaded for testing and feedback. 

***Note*** This mod has been tested by me, and while I am fairly confident there’s nothing that could break your game, it is possible I missed/forgot something, if you encounter any issues, please post a comment so I can address any bugs.

***Locations Notes***

Ragged Flagon/Thieves Guild Headquarters Changes

-Adds a variety of clutter; dirt piles, weeds, empty bottles, rats, spiderwebs, scrap wood, etc. Intended to make the Guild seem poorer and more down on their luck. Cleans up all the trash as the Guild Hall improves.

-Improves the Ragged Flagon and Thieves Guild Headquarters, replacing furniture and clutter, improves lightings, adding more crafting stations and decor.

-Adds a trapdoor during the first upgrade, letting you access the Flagon directly from Riften rather then traveling through several load screens.

-Adds additional furniture and sandbox markers for NPCs to use in the Flagon, Guild Headquarters, and Nightingale Hall.

-Adds an oven and a few hearthfire items to the Ragged Flagon once you’ve progressed far enough.

-Adds more cooking supplies, alcohol, and food from DLC to the Ragged Flagon merchant as you progress.

-Adds a exit to outside Riften in the Ragged Flagon.

-Changed the Guild Master chest to spawn loot daily, a lot less then vanilla, but it doesn’t respawn, and the daily loot stacks until it’s emptied by the player.

-Changed the end reward safe – you do 125 radiant jobs, and a safe spawns in the TG vault. Only it has basic loot and doesn’t respawn. Now there is a daily chance for a random enchanted item to be placed in the safe. This uses chances for DLC items as well.

-Beds used by guild members have a script on them that will switch them into clothing rather then armor while they sleep.

Ragged Flagon/Thieves Guild Headquarters New Rooms

-A dining area in the Headquarters where most of the new recruits eat. 

-A new room in the Headquarters for any new recruits that join the Guild. The room starts very poor, each new recruit improves the room a bit.

-Adds a new shop to the headquarters, used by one of the new recruits.

Player Quarters

-Adds a player room that can be used. Initially just a room with a bed, the room will be improved to include display features, crafting stations, additional storage, and improved decor, eventually being fit for the master of the guild. Also are two custom displays, one for treasure maps, and the other for Amulets. The amulets can be prayed at once displayed.

-Adds direct access from your guild quarters to Honeyside, requires upgrading the guild and purchasing Honeyside.

Nightingale Stuff

-Once the Ragged Flagon and Thieves Guild Headquarters have completed all of their upgrades, Nightingale Hall will begin to be cleaned up and improved.

-The Twilight Sepulcher has been modified, the three exits now lead to the Thieves Guild Headquarters, Nightingale Hall, and a destination the player can set with a power once a day(Only exterior locations).


-The Thieves Guild Vault will begin to fill and improve the layout after you unlock it and deal with Mercer.

-Nocturnal will show her approval with various unique rewards added to the guild vault even after completely upgrading the guild, as you continue to do radiant quests and steal throughout Skyrim.

-Once you have finished all of the upgrades for the Guild and Nightingale Hall, Nocturnal will show her approval by once again allowing you to claim the Skeleton Key. A book found in Nightingale Hall provides full details.

Training Area

-Eventually upgrades the lockpicking area, 5 for each difficulty of lock, with a small amount of gold in each. Locks will reset once closed, but the contents will not respawn. The containers will also not count towards your total locks picked.

-Training targets and dummies in the training hall will level your combat skills.

-Adds Pickpocket training dummies to the training room.

New Stuff

-Added an additional passageway into the cities(Markarth, Solitude, Whiterun, and Windhelm) bypassing the guards. In order to use these passageways, you will have to enter them from inside the city first, clear the short passage, and then the doors will allow you to skip the passage, directly entering the city. (Do not leave anything in these areas, once you leave them you can’t get back in.)

-Once you have completed the questline, Vex will begin decoding Mercers journal, and ask for your help in tracking down all the loot he stole from the Guild. A complex treasure hunt method has been added for this, good luck! Tracking down these vaults will speed up the Guilds improvements as well. 

-8 Heavily trapped vaults housing Mercers stolen wealth.

-Expands Shadowmark usage. Adds to player homes, minor holds, villages, and indicates abandoned locations that have safe storage(in these cases, the building will be marked “safe”, and the non-respawning containers are marked “protected”.

-Adds around 50 unique misc. item collectables that you can steal from the wealthy homes around Skyrim. Stealing these items will contribute to the Guild upgrades a bit. They are semi random spawned, and have 150 possible spawn points, so there may be treasure of a lesser value or none at all in different playthroughs.

-An additional dozen or so custom weapons and armor pieces, just meant to be pricey decorative stuff. These share the same spawn locations as the misc. objects.

-Adds 6 new stealth oriented potions sold by fences and found in Thief Caches.

-Thief Caches now have a bulk of a random item or two. These are mostly raw veggies, and are there to hide the loot from all the people walking by that barrel all day…

***Notable Changes***


-Retextures the Thieves Guild armor, default is the same size as vanilla textures, optional downloads provide 2k or 4k textures.

-Adds gloves to the Thieves Guild armor. Because.. Thieves..

-Increases the improvement recieved from upgrading your Thieves Guild armor.

-Allows you to dye your Thieves Guild armor 20 different colors, using the dyes sold at the shop found in the Thieves Guild Headquarters. 

-Allows you to convert your armor to a sleeveless type and improve the armor two times once you get the improved armor and Guild Master armor. 

-Remove enchantments from Thieves Guild armors.

-Regardless of player level, you will get the best version of the nightingale gear, the enchantments have level conditions, and will improve as the player reaches the level requirements.

***Gameplay Notes***

-Reduces the value of items that NPCs will let you take from they once you are friends. I always thought it was strange that you could do someone a small favor, and they let you take all their belongings. This setting makes it a bit easier to play a thief.

-Changing your face with the surgeon in the Ragged Flagon will remove your bounties from the major holds.

-Adds a prerequisite of player level, skill levels, items stolen, pockets picked, and locks picked before you can join the Guild.

   *Note* I know there is already a popular mod that does this and more, but I was tracking the stats anyways for the other features so said why not, one less mod in my load order. The other mod is still be compatible, and still has all it’s other features, simply load it’s esp after mine. 


-As the guild improves it will attract new recruits, these recruits have AI packages allowing more exploration around Riften, the Guild Hall and the Ragged Flagon.

-13 New members in total, as you progress they will be able to offer your character more, such as becoming followers, vendors, trainers, fences, and 

-Each member has a unique look, combat style, and perk set.

-Several vanilla guild members will become followers/trainers as you progress through the Guild.

-A custom textured thief themed horse and saddle. Another gift from Nocturnal, Ebonmare can be found outside the Nightingale Hall.

Mods not necessary with TGReborn:

Radiant Thieves Guild Quests

Cowl of the Gray Fox

Bounty Clearer

Shadowmarks Improved

Thieves Guild Requirements (optional: if you prefer to use the other, load it after this mod in your LO)

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