Three Little Warriors

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[font=Comic Sans MS]Three little Warriors[/font]

By AedanStarfang

V 1.0 – 10/08/2019

This mod adds three Imperial warriors to aid you on your travels; Cato, Decimus, and Longinus.

They each specialize in a different fighting discipline and can be found and recruited

at the Stumbling Sabrecat Inn at Fort Dunstad.

Longinus – uses bow & dagger (uses Male Even-toned voice)

Decimus – uses greatsword (uses Male Brute voice)

Cato – uses sword & shield (uses Male Young Eager voice)

All three are marriageable.

[font=Comic Sans MS]CREDITS[/font]

Major thanks goes to Lograam for use of The Eyes of Beauty

and Stealthic & Kalilies for KS Hairdo’s Renewal

Requires all DLC.

[font=Comic Sans MS]DISCLAIMER[/font]

NOTE: I am using Facelight by Tktk1, Netch Leather Armor by THusky, and

Better Males/Younger Faces[/url] by Chris 57 in the screenshots, none of these are actually included in the mod they are merely

mentioned for inquisitorial purposes (as it would be bothersome to uninstall everything each time I test out a mod).

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