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This is a simple mod I made for myself and am now sharing for any that might also like it. This little guy was primarily made to be a weapons merchant for mods that add them but I created him to be versatile so he can sell or buy other items as well

 For mods that add new items to the game. Sometimes they require you to craft them, other times they may also distribute them to the world as loot or so enemies can use them. I limit these types of changes from mods for myself as a personal preference to keep my crafting inventory from being cluttered and reduce world edits. Also I like having unique items that are not shared by NPC unless I give it to them. While I could just use additem to grab anything I want I do not wish to get a bunch of nice stuff for free. What I wanted was a merchant that could sell me items from mods based off of my level that I could pay for with my ill gotten gold instead, thus Tim was born

 The way I have it setup is instead if having him sell ALL items he will instead pull randomly from lvld list so his selection changes each time you visit him. I like this and helps him feel like a merchant and not an additem that also takes your gold. So as you progress in level after a raid or 2 you drop by and see him, drink some ale, cook a stew and then see if hes got something new you want

Main File

 This will place Tim in the world ready to sell. This is also what will be used by myself and maybe others to create new optional files to expand his inventory. It is intentional that without any optional mods that load after does not sell much from base game. There are many other existing merchants for that. He is intended to mainly sell new items from other mods via optional plugins that load after made for him

Optional Files

 These are plugins only that allow Tim to sell the items from the mod listed. You will need to visit and DL the original mod to get the files as I will not include them here. All changes will be made through the new plugin which is intended to be used in place of any original and not alongside unless stated otherwise

 It should be noted that I may have changed stats to include cost, dmg, material etc depending on what lvl they are available to purchase. The stats should be suitable for most users but if you feel they are too strong or weak for your game then change them yourself in Xedit or CK to whatever you want

 The main file should not be merged and left alone, however if you use more then 1 optional those should be merged. When you merge them ensure that the merge has added each form into his chest and not just the one from the last in the merged list. If you merge all optional present and future then you have only 2 slots taken up which is acceptable considering the amount of items he will potentially be selling you. It is not worth the problems that arise from merging the main file to save 1 plugin slot so dont do it. Remember anytime you add or remove an optional you will need to rebuild your merge

 For convenience I will host a merge of all optionals so you dont have to but if you do not want all you will need to create your own

 SOSB will not start selling until you are lvl 25. This is intentional as those weapons are meant for mid to late game as the games silver weapons drop off early. So for early game just pilfer some silver hand and then check back later as you will really appreciate having the silver against stronger undead later on


Travel South from the Lady Stone, he is camped near the shore


Tim is wearing a Barbarian Loincloth by Viltuska


Please do not re-host, include, directly modify or replace the Main File. Any plugins you create and would like to share should be done in a new esp that was made with TimMerchant.esp set as master

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