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Whether you’re testing mods such as replacers,wanting certain weathers when screen archering, starting a new game but don’t

feel it necessary to start off as a useless adult that seems to have woke up 2

days ago for the umpteenth time, or you just don’t feel like manually getting

stuff all the time… there’s plenty of reasons why bat files can be really

useful.  I use them all the time and thenit occurred to me, I just want to have a bunch… I mean TONS of bat files and

maybe at least one other person out there would too.  So that’s what this is.  Just TONS of bat files.


There are so many, there’s no way you’re a nutcase like meand will actually want to have all of them in your Skyrim folder, but there

should be a few that you’ll find useful. More importantly, they should serve to make it easier for you to createyour own bat files.  You just want a batfile that gives you the ebony mail because you’re working on a retexture for

it?  Super easy, barely an inconvenience.  Just open up Ebony.txt, delete the otherlines, do save as and pick a short name that you can easily remember for the

file, and then place it in your Skyrim folder.


Hey, I know the game’s been out for 20 years or whatever andI’m all late but hey, two things:


1.)   Abacus

2.)   Better super crazy really completely late… thannever… I think.





Skyrim… I mean if you can get these to work on another game,you’re awesome.  You’re also probablyDavid Blaine or Criss Angel which means you frighten me.


A healthy amount of self-confidence… Not really necessary touse this, but I’d like it if you had it anyway.


An Abacus… Come on.  Ibeat dead horses respect all horses even when they’re no longer with us.





Download manually. Open the file called 0 File List to see a list ofall the bat files there and select the ones you want and drop them in your

Steam – steamapps – common – Skyrim folder.


To use a file that is in your Skyrim folder, hit the “~”key, which I call the squiggles key (don’t f*$%ing judge me please) and

then type The Batman I’m sorry, I meant to say bat

<file’s name>
and without the extension.


For example, if you wanted to use the file hat gives you allthe ebony armors, you would type bat ebony





Some say you’re a reckless modder andpotentially a stain on the community given your oddball antics and unhealthy

obsession with the word “abacus”.  Howwould you characterize your behavior and or respond to such criticism?


Okay, I’m being advised again by my imaginary legal counselthat it would be best that I do not field questions at this time.  Thank you. 







Arron Dominion – No scripts involvedhere of course, but still, I appreciate the help he’s always willing to



CrazyLionAkarsilMaymayMattiewagg -In no particular order, I am annoying and these are the people I generally

annoy whenever I have free time… or even when I don’t. Thanks for putting up

with me and motivating me.


GohperDarkfox127DougHamil.  They gave me a solidfoundation by which to continue to build on when it comes to modding.  I know this isn’t really a mod, but stillthere’s some people I try to credit regularly no matter what I release.


ArthmoorAlternate Start – Live Another

is still saving the faces of babies everywhere.  Couldn’t imagine testing anything in Skyrimwithout LAL.


You – I know I thanked you already asyou’re obviously part of the Nexus Community, but still, I’m doing it again.

Deal with it because, as always, you didn’t even have to be here but here you are.

I thank you very much for that whether you endorse me or not.


Bethesda – The Creation Kit and I don’talways get along.  There are some aspectsof it that are downright irritating including the inability to resize

windows.  BUT at least we have a prettyrobust editing program to use… unlike Biow some other videogame makers.


My friends, family, and my loved ones -They couldn’t really tell you what a mod or bat file is, but they still support

me and I can never do it without them.[/size]


Nexus and its Staff – Need I saymore?  Probably, but I’m not gonna causemy laziness has finally fully kicked in.

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