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Its a simple mod that adds the torch to the game,  this was seemingly too hard for B to figure out.

Q: Why’s it called torch barrel when it is a chest?

A: Because originally I put it in a barrel in Jorrvaskr.

Q: What’s it do?

A: You open it up and collect 24 torches, to use in dungeons etc.

Q: Why did you put it in this area?

A: Because you need to leave the desired area for 10 days or so in order to respawn.  Unfortunately, the only 2 other places, where it is not stealing, are entered very frequently which is Jorrvaskr and Dragons Reach main.

Q: Why would I use a torch instead of a Light spell?

A: Well the torch is a lot better first of all, second of all and more important, leveling your illusion just so you can see, will of course make all the enemies stronger and you weaker.

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