Touring Carriages – Friendly Predators

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This mod stops predator attacks on Touring Carriages[/url], and it gives carriage drivers a candlelight effect at night.  

It equips carriage drivers with an enchanted ring that casts the same faction benefits (predators, creatures, orcs, and bandits) on the player (and followers) that the vanilla driver and horse has.  This would cover most attacks, then I added forsworn too.  

Things which interfere with predator protection:

    [*]Follower mods, if they are aggressive or have modded faction status.

    [*]Followers running behind the carriage do not receive faction protection from the player.

    [*]Due to their hostile disposition, trolls will show up as enemies even if you are in a friendly faction with them.  Usually their attacks are not serious, so I left that alone. Ice wraiths show up as enemies too, but rarely attack the carriage.

    [*]Mods which affect animal behavior might cause issues, but as long as it accommodates the Kyne’s Peace shout, hopefully they work together.

If issues happen, faction protection usually resets if you leave the carriage, then get back in.

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