Treasure Hunter’s Garb CBBE and UUNP Conversion

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[font=Comic Sans MS]Hi everyone!

I wanted to share this conversion that I did a couple weekends ago. I took a small break from

some other projects that I’ve been working on and just wanted to play Skyrim for a bit. I was looking

for an adventuress Witcher looking armor and came across MegaCrunch’s Treasure Hunter’s Garb. I tried looking

for a conversion for the armor but none was made for it…until now. Even when I tried to take a break from 

BodySlide, it still finds me 😛


Bodyslide and Outfit Studio

Treasure Hunter’s Garb


CBBE (For CBBE users)

Install Treasure Hunter’s Garb first with any mod manger of your choosing and then my conversion. There are prebuilt meshes for each of the conversions (CBBE will have CBBE curvy meshes, and UUNP will have classic UNP meshes all static). Once downloaded you could play as is with the prebuilt meshes, but if you want somethings to jiggle or to your own preset, launch BodySlide, and navigate to “Group Filter”.


Treasure Hunter’s Garb CBBE HDT

Treasure Hunter’s Garb CBBE Non HDT


Treasure Hunter’s Garb HDT

Treasure Hunter’s Garb Non HDT


A huge thank you goes to MegaCrunch. Please endorse his mod for the amazing work he did for this.

Ousinus and Caliente for making BodySlide and Outfit studio. And for Caliente for making CBBE.

Groovtama for XPMSE

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