Treasure Hunter’s Garb – Enderal Patch

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Patched the .esp of the wonderful original mod to make it compatible with Enderal by altering every piece of armor in TES5Edit.

If you want the armor to look like it does in my screenshot, you need these mods in this order:

Please endorse the original mod!

Requires: The original mod Treasure Hunter’s Garb, created by austinlyle0 

(textures & meshes only)

How to get the armor pieces in Enderal, in four simple steps.

Step 1: Open the console (tilde key)

Step 2: Type  help “treasure hunter”

Step 3: Type  additem [color=#00ffff]ID from previous command[/color] [color=#00ffff]amount[/color] (without brackets)

Step 4: Enjoy, and don’t forget to endorse the original mod.


This patch has been made possible by the TESVEdit Tool. 

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