True Hunter – less animals per square meter

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Why would I?

1) Balance the game with mods that increase the pelt prices.

2) If you are tired that any of your walk through the forest becomes an endless battle with wolves, bears, etc.

3) To increase the realism and immersion.

This mod only changes the leveled lists. This means that the mod will only affect animals that spawn randomly. Animals that are located directly, such as wolves near Riverwood, will not be affected.

More about the changes:

I’ve reduced the number of animals in the level lists by adding a chance to spawn nothing.

Predators spawn chance (wolves, bears, spiders, trolls, etc.) is 1/8.

Deer and Goat spawn chance is 1/2.

Fox and Rabbit spawn chance is 1/4. Also changed the ratio between foxes and rabbits from 3:2 to 1:5 (I’m talking about them together as they are on the common leveled list).


It will be compatible with mods that only change stats or behavior of animals. Therefore, it is compatible with Wild World, Velexia’s Animals are not Monsters and other.

But this is incompatible with mods that change the animals leveled lists. These include mods that add new wild animals. You can put my esp after them, but this will either lead to a still large animals count, or the lack of new animals added by another mod.

Therefore, it is incompatible with Requiem, SkyTEST and Animallica.

Recommended Mods:

Better Animal Footsteps


This mod require USLEEP.

Install with your mod manager. Mod Organizer is cool.

Manually: Place esp into Data folder and activate in launcher.

Future Plans:

I will improve the balance of this mod.

May be unleveled animals lists.

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