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Welcome to Testers,

This is the Alpha version of the tree of perks for the mods with spears.

Currently, I recommend the usage of this mod to testers.

If you want test it, I need your helps and recommendations to increase the quality of our mod.

You need to use my mod True Spear Combat, associate to Campfire if you want be able to use this mod.

When you want activate a perks, you need to build a campfire and use the skill option, use the bugs for chosen the perk tree and discover the Spearman tree.

You can win perks if you read many times the book named “Spearman : A guide”.

In the future, the perks will be win by practice of your spear in combat or on training dummies.

I need to develop the script for this leveling functionality.

The mod will contain three trees of perks but contain one for the moment:

SPEARMAN0 – SpearMastery (2) [/b][/color]– Spears do 25/50% more damage, and criticalstrikes do 2% more critical damage per level.

20 – TrainedPikeman
[/b][/color] – Reduces the Stamina cost of power attacks withspears, trident by 30 points.

30 – Fast likea Tsaesci (3)
[/b][/color]– Due to your practice, you increase thespeed of your spear attack by 5, 10 and 15%.

30 – ArteriesOpener (3)
[/b][/color]– Attacks with spear deal an additional 1/2/3points of damage per second for 3/5/7 seconds to living targets.

30– Phalanx Stance (2)
[/b][/color] When having a spear anda shield equipped, all damage taken while making normal attacks is

reduced by 30/50 %.50– Offensive Retreat [/b][/color]While having an emptyleft hand, backwards power attacks with spears always stagger

opponents and increase spear damage by 200% for 5 seconds.

50 – Execute
[/b][/color]-Forwards power attacks with a spear execute targets below 30% Health,

delivering a critical strike that deals twenty times critical damage.60– Heroic Stance [/b][/color]After power bashing with ashield with spear equipped, power attacks with spears are critical

hits and deal three times as much damage for 3 seconds.

[/b][/color]PigStickerWhile having an empty left hand,forward power attacks with a spear ignore all armor and are critical

hits with 300% damage.

80 – Into theAsh
[/b][/color]– Repeated standing power attacks with a spear againsta target do escalating damage if no more than 3 seconds pass between

each. This effect stacks up to three times, each doing 15% more

damage. Reaching four stacks knocks the target off their feet.

90 –Shieldmaster
[/b][/color] Standing power attacks with a spearwhile having a shield equipped make you immune to all damage while

you attack and you deal double damage.

100 – WanderingWarrior
[/b][/color] – Whenever you defeat at least 4 humanoids and/oranimals in a single battle, you gain a permanent +1% bonus to

one-handed damage. This effect stacks up to +20%.

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