Twin Souls Perk Improvement – Base Magicka increases Summon Limit

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Twin Souls Perk Improvement – Base Magicka increases Summon Limit

by Spartacus2211


When you gain the Twin Souls perk your summon limit is increased by +1. Additionally your summon limit is raised by additional +1 for each 100 Base Magicka (=Magicka without rings, blessings, …) your character has, starting at 200 mana.

The Twin Souls perk now also affects your character in Vampire Lord form, which was initially disabled in the Dawnguard dlc.


Actor has   50 Base Magicka and the Twin Souls perk –> actors summon limit is raised by +1

Actor has 100 Base Magicka and the Twin Souls perk –> actors summon limit is raised by +1

Actor has 199 Base Magicka and the Twin Souls perk –> actors summon limit is raised by +1

Actor has 200 Base Magicka and the Twin Souls perk –> actors summon limit is raised by +2

Actor has 300 Base Magicka and the Twin Souls perk –> actors summon limit is raised by +3

Actor has   50 Base Magicka, +250 Magicka from magic effects (300 Magicka in total) and the Twin Souls perk –> actors summon limit is raised by +1

Currently the mod is capped at an increase of +7 at 700 Base Magicka.

This mod does not SET the summon limit, like the original Twin Souls perk does, it ADDS bonuses to the summon limit when the requirements are met. In vanilla Skyrim the Twin Souls perk wasn’t designed optimal, meaning, when you had other bonuses to raise your summon limit like enchantments or other magic effects from mods, you lost these bonuses after taking the Twin Souls perk, because it has SET the summon limit to the number 2, no matter what else. This problem won’t occur when using my mod. My mod will stack with bonuses from other mods, that raise the summon limit (of course except these mods do the same wrong thing with the summon limit as vanilla Skyrim did: SETTING instead of ADDING).

This mod was inspired by the perk tree mod Ordinator, which has a similar perk in it.


There are 2 versions of this mod: One requires Dragonborn, the other only requires Skyrim (no-dlc-version, vanilla).

The Twin Souls perk was changed from the Dawnguard dlc (Twin Souls perk could not affect the player in Vampire Lord form). Since this mod removes the Dawnguard dlcs edit of the Twin Souls perk (Vampire Lord form is now affected by the Twin Souls perk), the Dawnguard dlc is not needed for my mod.

With the Dragonborn dlc came the Ash Spawns, therefore an additional edit for Ash Spawns was necessary, which was adressed by the unofficial patch.

So if you have Dragonborn installed, I recommend you the Dragonborn-version of my mod.

When you play with Dragonborn dlc and use the vanilla version (=Skyrim only version) of my mod, I don’t know, how the summoning of Ash Spawns will affect the game.


Drop the twinsouls_100magicka_Dragonborn_v1.0.esp (OR the twinsouls_100magicka_vanilla_v1.0.esp if you don’t have Dragonborn installed) in your data folder of Skyrim and check the mod in your game launcher / mod manager.

Can be installed mid game, no new game necessary.


Remove the respective .esp-file from your data folder.

Usually it’s not recommended to uninstall a mod and later load a save, which was created when the mod was installed. I don’t know what happens, if you do so. Since this mod does not run scripts or stuff, I guess there would be no problems, but Bethesda has said, that uninstalling mods midgame is not good. When you want to delete a mod mid game, it’s better to edit the mod in TES5Edit and simply delete the changes it makes to the game, by clicking on the plus-sign after loading the mod and delete its content by simply deleting each change it makes (left-click on the respective line and press delete on your keyboard).


This mod alters the Twin Souls perk, so it conflicts with every other mod, that also alters this perk.

My mod will possibly not work together with mods, which change the whole conjuration perk tree in a way, that removes the vanilla perks Dark Souls and Elemental Potency.

If you have another perk tree mod installed, that only alters existing perks (e.g. changing numbers and effects, while leaving the perk tree structure intact)  and you want my mod to be the active one, just put my mod below the other mod in the loadorder in your game launcher / mod manager and the changes my mod does should overwrite the changes of the other mod without appearing bugs.

Known bugs:

None on my side.

See the comments section (as you always should, when browsing mods).

Since this mod is a very simple edit of an already existing perk and nothing else (no quests, no scripts, no new stuff), there should be no bugs. When you run into problems after installing a bunch of new mods and mine was part of them, I strongly guess that my mod will not be the cause. Of course I tested it on my own, before I uploaded it here. On my side it works as it is intended and I have over 130 mods installed and this mod is not the lowest in my load order.


I haven’t tested the no-dlc-version of this mod. It was made the same way, so I doubt, that there are problems.

I haven’t tested either versions in Vampire Lord form, so please tell us in the comments, if this mod works in VL form or not.

Port to SSE:

I don’t own Special Edition and was never engaged with porting mods, so if someone else wants to port this mod and reupload it, feel free to do so. Just give me credit by mentioning the original mod.

My personal wishes:

1. I want the skeletons from Ordinator with infinite lifetime and without the whole rest of the Ordinator mod.

2. We need a corpse remover for Fallout New Vegas like this one:

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