Tyr Bear-Arm – Vanilla Follower

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Tyr, raised on a farm that supplied a nearby city of Black Marsh, had plans to take over the work from his parents when they grew too feeble, but was lured away by the enticements of the city and the descriptions of foreign lands he heard from travelers there. Having left his family – and certain difficulties – behind, after some travel he vowed that he would someday reestablish a farm in their honor.

Name : Tyr Bear-Arm

Race : Nord

Marriable : Yes

Location : Old Hroldan Inn

Skill : Two Handed, Heavy Armor

Default Outfit : Steel Plate Armor 

Weapon : Steel Greatsword


Manual Install:

• Click ‘MANUAL’ button

• Extract ZIP file to anywhere on your computer

• Place ESP & BSA files into Skyrim/Data

NMM Install:

• Click ‘NMM’ button

• Enable mod via NMM

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/96141

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