Ty’s Ferocious Wolves – LE version

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I got sick of seeing the blocky low res wolves, given the lack of high res options I decided to make my own. I modeled these wolves after the wolves in one of my favorite games COD Ghosts. All this mod does is replace the vanilla Gray, Black, and Red Wolf. All the animations work perfectly and as you can see they look very FEROCIOUS! 



Either install manually or use your mod manager of choice. I prefer NMM Community Edition, but that’s just me.


Should be compatible with anything except mods that replace vanilla wolves.

Works fine with Savage Wolves by 
rogueshot and I highly recommend rogueshot’s work (Not included or required for this mod)


Blender[/url] for the amazing free modeling tools

Gimp[/url] for the amazing free image manipulation tool

Ousnius for the amazing tool Bodyslide and Outfit Studio

And of course Infinity WardRaven SoftwareNeversoftTreyarch for the inspiration for this mod.

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Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/99569

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