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This mod adds to the game the famous Ulfberht sword as well as a note and a book (Crafting manual, which increases smithing skill).

The Sword has a base damage of 18. The other stats are the same as those of the standard steel sword. Also, the base value is increased to 150.


Simply use mod manager or manually place:

textures, meshes and the Ulfberth.esp into the data folder of you Skyrim SE.


Simply use mod manager or manually delete:

…/textures/weapons/Ulfberth folder 

…/meshes/weapons/Ulfberth folder

…/data Ulfberth.esp plugin

How to find them:

There will be a torn note in Whiterun. You can find the not at the market district. You can’t miss it and if you do I will post a comment with the exact location. The note will lead you to where you can find the book needed to create the sword. (If you can’t find it in the above-mentioned comment I will say where the exact location is.)


Big thanks to Blender, what a great program!

Substance Painter. Beautiful textures 

To Nexus and all of you guys, nothing will be possible without you!

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