Undae The Half Argonian – Save File and Preset

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Undae is a Nessa (Half Argonian), a rare race in Tamriel. Nessas are quite a sight for sore eyes, which makes Nessas very valuable in the criminal black market. Undae was taken as a young girl to be sold as a slave. Most of her life she was sold around and used. Unfortunatley Undae ended up in the hands of a mage from Skyrim. The mage was so fascinated with Undae’s body that he carved ruins into her and mark her as his property. Broken and hurt, wallowing on the damp cold stone, Undae did not know how much longer she could last. As fate would have it she was greeted by a statue of Mara one night and Mara her self said “My dear child I know how hard you have struggled but I am here to take that pain. I can grant you one wish as my power is still weak. I can grant you a new life or the means and strength for escape. Choose wisley my child and make haste.” Finally after many long, hard and painful years Undae can grasp back the life that was taken from her. Will she start life a new or take revenge on the filth that marked and used her. That choice is now yours. What will her story be, I wonder?

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