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    [*]New, created from scratch, leveled lists.

    [*]Unique list for each tavern. Taverns no longer use the common level food list.

    [*]Much more food (reasonable amount).

    [*]Items from Hearthfire DLC (that are not sold in taverns in the original game) added to new leveled lists.

    [*]Level lists are configured for each tavern separately depending on the location and size of the tavern.

    [*]Raw foods are no longer sold in taverns.

I’m fully open to your suggestions and feedback


    [*]Vanilla tavern lists have very small food amount. You simply die of hunger if you play with needs mods, or will cook on their own. With this mod, in taverns will be much more food, so you will no longer starve.

    [*]Food list in vanilla game is common to all taverns (more precisely, it is used everywhere). With this mod, each tavern will have unique leveled list. All added leveled lists do not extend the vanilla list, they were created from scratch.

    [*]In addition to vanilla food, the new lists include food from Heathfire DLC, which the Bethesda developers for some reason did not add to the leveled lists. Now you will find milk and bakery (and some other items) in taverns.

    [*]Taverns in large cities (such as Whiterun or Solitude) have more food and variety than taverns in villages. Some items depend on the location of the tavern. For example, you will find Horker meat only near habitats of Horkers.

    [*]Raw meat and vegetables will no longer be sold in taverns. Salt of course used in the kitchen, but you can not buy it.


Also i created two fixes to my mod has full and total control over everything that is sold in taverns. They are in separate plugins only for easy installation (not all people have the load order formed correctly). Despite this, you need both fixes to the mod worked correctly.

1)Bannered Mare Fix

All food in Bannered Mare interior belongs to the service faction of this tavern. Therefore, it goes on sale, even if the container is empty. After buying the food disappears from the interior. This is the only tavern with such interior food behavior. In this esp I have changed the properties of all food items in interior and therefore only the products I have installed will be sold.

2)Pockets Fix

It changes leveled list of citizens loot. By default, it contains food items, so innkeepers also sell food that is in their pockets. This fix removes food from the pockets of all citizens, which is even realistic (instead of food will spawn nothing). Also I removed the lockpicks from this list (so that decent people no longer have lockpicks). This only changes one of the citizens lvl lists.


1) UniqueTavernMenu.esp

– This will not affect any taverns added by mods (you can make patch by adding existing or modified lists from my mod to containers).

– No conflicts with iNeed.

– Compatible with Requiem. Place my esp between Requiem.esp and Requirefortheindifferent.esp. Don’t forget to run Regtificator.

– Needs mods; mods that adds new food; mods that rebalancing food or cooking; global gameplay overhauls and other mods can change the containers in taverns. In General, it is better to place UniqueTavernMenu.esp at the end of your load order, thus overwriting the changes of all other mods.

2) UniqueTavernMenu-BanneredMareFix.esp

– You have to put this esp up to mods that change lighting (ELFX, Relightning Skyrim, RLO, etc.) and mods that add new music (I mean mods that have esp). Otherwise, some minor changes in properties of the “Bannered Mare” location in these mods will be overwritten by this esp. In General, it is better to place it at the top of your load order.

3) UniqueTavernMenu-PocketsFix.esp

– In General, it is better to place this at the end of your load order.

– For Requiem use the appropriate version. Put my esp between Requiem.esp and Requirefortheindifferent.esp. Don’t forget to run Regtificator.

– Place after mods that changes citizens pockets.


This mod require USLEEP.

Install with Mod Organizer (or other mod manager).

At the moment, the mod does not affect the Dragonborn DLC tavern. I’ll change that in the future.

I will improve the balance of this mod. Your ideas and suggestions are welcome.


Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/95782

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