Unleveled Loot and Minimalistic Gear

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The mod is made with the Time-Based Enemy Scaling system in mind (LE, SE)

There are two files in this mod. One changes the loot you find. The other changes the gear used by enemies.

FILE 1. Unleveled, Minimalistic, Scarce Loot.

– Unleveled quest rewards.

– Unleveled loot.

– Minimalistic loot (less variants of the same type of item in the leveled lists). 

– Scarce loot. Like the SCARCITY mod, but better. The Scarcity makes ALL loot equally more scarce, without the consideration of the type of item. But in my mod the loot is made more rare with careful consideration, on a case-by-case basis. For example:

 - Falmer, bandit, Forsworn, Hagraven, Vampire chests have much less beneficial potions;

 - less poisons in Human/Dwarven chests;

 - less stealth skill, than warrior skill potions in Stormcloak chests. 

 etc. you got the idea…

– Less food in leveled lists, and the food-loot is more consistent (you can find potatoes in the  barrels, but not tomatoes, for example)

– Much less enchanted weapons/armor in chests. Some enchanted items were replaced with jewelry or just gold.

– More Damage health poisons in leveled lists, than other types of poisons, like stamina or magicka poisons (who uses those anyway?)

– Animals don’t carry gold, jewelry or other “treasure” anymore. Instead of the treasure I added more immersive loot (like, two eyeballs instead of one, more poison for spiders etc.)

 Another example: From the Boar drop list I deleted potions, gold, gold from the Golden Touch and Imp.Luck perks; instead added 1 more tusk, created and added a boar pelt. (That’s much better, isn’t it?)

– Added Golden Touch/Imp.Luck reward to Dragon Priests, Werewolfs, Werebears, Lurkers, some other enemies.

- Rich citizens don’t carry lockpicks and food

- The thief has only silver dinnerware, no glazed.

…and some other small changes, like that.

FILE 2. Minimalistic Gear

– Less enchanted weapons/armor/clothing in general.

– Less variants of gear with the same enchantment (lvl 1-3-5 or 2-4 instead of lvl 1-2-3-4-5, for example)

– Almost no enchanted armor/clothing/weapons with useless for NPCs enchantments (like Fortify CarryWeight or Pickpocket). Actually, most of the enchantments are completely useless for NPCs, so you won’t be finding a lot of enchanted gear on your enemies. But you can buy an enchanted piece of gear if you want to learn a particular enchantment from Eolrund Gray-Mane in Whiterun (the SkyForge dude). But that won’t be cheap. And you need the first .esp for that.

– A small fix: No more Heavy Bonemold Armor with Fortify Light Armor enchantment (Yeah, this is a thing in the game)

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