Unofficial Mod of the Moose

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Have you ever played Skyrim? Have you ever done this and thought: “This is great, but I wish there were moose”. Well now there are.

This mod adds a few different spells and arrows to the game for your Moose related enjoyment:

“Wait” you say, “Those are just Elk renamed as Moose”

This is correct.

– A Summon Moose Spell: Summons one moose where the caster is pointing, and simultaneously generates 4 more moose at the caster’s location.

– A ‘Make Moose’ Spell: Transforms (within range) any NPC the caster is pointing at into a killable moose. (Excluding Guards, Including Essential NPC’s)

– The Moose Gun: An arrow that sticks your enemies with a full sized Moose. (Great for target marking)

– The Moose Nuke: Fear it, I do

The Moose should follow the player, it’s uncertain

This is not a lore-friendly mod, just a bit of fun. Please Install at your own risk, I have no idea what I’m doing and this mod is potentially very unstable

Each of these Items can be found inside a very small chest in Farengar’s room in Dragonreach. The chest is on the ground to your Left when you walk in.

Warning: Sometimes enemies can get a hold of the moose nuke

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