UUNP Foxed Skin Textures Suite for Females -reupload-

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Hi there !

So, this is a reupload. 

Be kind.

I present to you, the  [font=Courier New]Foxed Skin Suite for female UUNP Special bodies[/font], fine people of Nexus !

[font=Courier New]Please do read all the description

before asking questions, thanks ! 🙂

(… as a reupload. Some textures have been improved, some things have been simplified. 

Please note that my  [font=Courier New]mod works as intended[/font], and that I won’t make any patches, nor personnal requests.)

[font=Courier New][font=Courier New]

Yeah, ok, but what does it do ?


It changes the skin textures for all females races, and supports older females and vampire with unique custom skins.

[/font][/b]The mod contains a normalmaps changer .esp that changes the skin normalmaps depending of the weight of your character and the weigth of any female npc in game (except old ladies).

So it affects pc and npcs !

Basically, this .esp adds more and more muscles to the skin the more the character weights. 

Notice how the diffuses change at 50 weight to look even more badass ? Eh !

Also, there’re not two, not three, but FIVE versions of this same Skin Suite:

– The base one, smooth and detailed.

– A version with full body, subtle scars

– A version fully covered in subtle mud

– A full body freckled version

– A version called WarBorn,  which is freckled, scarred, and mudded !

All of these variants can be found in the optionnal files to download. 

For the most experienced of us, I made sure all the textures bits are fully mix-and-matchable for ultra more customisation. 

It means that you may install a freckled face with a covered in mud body and WarBorn hands, for example. 🙂 

This Skin Suite was made in the intention of having fun with textures, so enjoy !

[font=Courier New]

[/font][font=Courier New]I am using CBBE, will this be compatible ?



[font=Courier New]Then what should I have already installed on my game to make this works ?


-Any UUNP family body, UUNP Special or not (though the textures here included support Special)

– Skse plugin to improve the tintmasks to 2048×2048

– A fair quality rig, as those textures are mostly 4k/2k

Please note that those textures fit best with a sharp and colorful enb on.

[font=Courier New]So if I use 7Base, Unp, CNHF, TiddyMcButt… body, will this mod works ?



[font=Courier New]Which assets does this mod cover ?


It covers skin diffuses, normals, subsurface and speculars for bodies, hands and faces, but also improves makeup and mouth/teeth textures.

Vampires are supported too, with unique, brighter and smoother face diffuses.

Old ladies are fully covered too ! 

It’s like a skin textures mod, but with a normalmaps changer included already fitted to this very skin !

[font=Courier New]OwO what body is this ?


It’s a slighlty modified version of TiddyMcButt from Robton[/url] 🙂

Edit; TiddyMcButt body is now available on Robton’s Discord

Assets used:


This mod would have never ever been made without the fantastic mods listed here !

Bijin Skin Textures by rxkx22

Fair Skin Complexion by Hhaley

Succulent Skin Textures by User_29658810

Halo’s Tumblr Gift Normals[/url] by Halo

Mature Skin Textures by Maevan2

Famous byScrollTron1c

Skin Feature Overlays by DomainWolf

Freckle Mania 2 by Tetrodoxin

Zhoulia’s wondeful Normalmap Head Maker !

(I’m not good at making pretty and complete descriptions and credits, so if I forget a link, or to mention something, please do let me know !)

Enjoying this mod ? Be sure to endorse and leave screenshots ! 😀

[font=Courier New]You might also be interested in my presets; they were made with and for this skin ! 🙂



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