Vampire lord fly ability perk

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Hi everybody,this is just a edit of the original version of royal bloodline 2.5.

I’ve do it to my best with tesedit to remove all to the orginal mod except the fly perk!

why this you’ll ask?simple this mod is made for my personal use because i love the possibility to fly that royal bloodline give us but the rest of the mod is quite bugged and is conflict with many other mods that is better for vampirism so i’ve maked this.


when you are a transformed to vampire lord in the game open the console and write ‘help evolved’

the showed perk code use it with the comand player.addperk  to add it to your character and then fly!


this mod it isn’t for use it alone but with other vampire overhaul like sancrosanct or vampiric thirst maybe work even alone but i don’t check it because i used it with sancrosanct mod.for the correct use, in order of run put first mine and then the other vampire mod that you have.

If the author have a problem with this can contact me via pm but i think they leave it all their mod alone.thx and hope you like it!

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