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Vampire No Dirt Tintmasks USLeEP Patch


by Darklocq

This is a simple patch (ESP replacement) for Dawnguard Vampires – No Dirt Tintmasks (01VampireNoDirtTintmask.esp) by Jowain92.  DVNDT was released right after Dawnguard, and preserves several errors in the vampire race records. These were fixed in Unofficial Dawnguard Patch (UDGP, now obsolete) and the later Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch (USLeEP or USLEP) by Arthmoor, but using DVNDT would undo those changes.

So, I have carried forward all the fixes from USLeEP into DVNDT.  This version of DVNDT does what it is supposed to in a game with USLeEP: it just removes the dirt tintmasks from vampires that made their heads look wrong in Dawnguard (with weirdly smooth skin and lacking the vampy details).  If you’ve already been using DVNDT with USLeEP, this patch will restore a number of USLeEP fixes, including:

    [*]Various (mostly elven) vampire races with the wrong eyes

    [*]Various (mostly human) vampire races with the wrong skin tone

    [*]Two vampire races with incorrect flags, such as no ability to track motion with their heads

    [*]Warpaints not being possible on some vampire races (mostly females, but also one male case)

    [*]A few minor tweaks like Khajiit attack angles, etc.

This patch was not made for No Dirt on Vampire Faces by Conny Bengtsson. That’s not really a mod, but a blanked-out texture file (, which a) would affect any race using it, and b) not remove all the dirt from even the male vamps, much less the female ones.

The patch probably IS compatible with the old Unofficial Dawnguard Patch. It does not have USLeEP as a required master


Just put this new 01VampireNoDirtTintmask.esp in your game’s Data directory, overwriting the one from the original mod.


I claim no credit for anything in this other than copying records around. USLeEP is the work of Arthmoor and friends, and DVNDT was made by Jowain92.

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