Vanilla Hair Variety Plus Patch – Mer and Orc Races

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Vanilla Hair Variety Plus adds 8 new hairstyles to Skyrim (4 for Females & 4 for Males).

However those hairstyles are for Human Races only (Breton, Imperial, Redguard).

This Patch makes the new hairstyles available to all the Mer Races (Altmer, Bosmer, Dunmer) + Orcs.

Keep in mind that some hairstyles will clip when used with certain races/skeletons, i can’t fix that.

How to install (in 3 easy steps) :

1) Download and install Vanilla Hair Variety Plus

2) Download and install this Patch

3) Override when asked

Credits :

Full credits go to Omega99jp as the creator of Vanilla Hair Variety Plus, i simply made a patch for his mod.

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