Vanilla Health Potions Conversion

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The concept of this mod is to turn less powerfull health restoration potions into Ultimate ones, which are much more useful later in the game.

I did this by creating a new misc item: Healing Crystals[/color].

[/b]These crystals can be obtained by extracting them from the potions like so:[/size]

1 Crystal   – Minor Healing

2 Crystals – Healing

3 Crystals – Plentiful Healing

4 Crystals – Vigorous Healing

6 Crystals – Extreme

You can obtain these crystals by boiling the potion (Smelter).

Now, in order to balance the mod but also reward the player, you can combine these crystals with various ingredients to get Potions of Ultimate Healing[/color]:


24 Crystals + (one of the below) = 1 Potion of Ultimate Healing


    [*]Blue Dartwin

    [*]Blue Mountain Flower

    [*]Butterfly Wing

    [*]Imp Stool


16 Crystals + (one of the below) = 1 Potion of Ultimate Healing

    [*]Eye of Sabre Cat

    [*]Rock Warbler Egg

24 Crystals + Charred Skeever Hide = 2 Potions of Ultimate Healing

32 Crystals + Daedra Heart = 4 Potions of Ultimate Healing

[/size]I’ve created this for myself and I’m happy with it, and don’t plan on making future versions.

You may modify this mod to your content and publish it, as long as you credit me.

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