Vanilla NPCs LE Ruhmastered

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Vanilla NPCs LE Ruhmastered by Ruhadre


The screenshots provided are 100% un-modded Skyrim aside from USLEEP and my facegens.  When the only realistic looking part on the faces are the eyes with stock textures…that should be telling you something!


Overhauls 3,025 Vanilla Skyrim and DLC facegens to incorporate Ultimate Eye Meshes Ruhmastered and ENB Eyebrow Fix for Oldrim

Also carries forward any changes made to facegens by Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch

Optional Patch to make Argonian and Khajiit NPCs have a faint glow.

This does NOTHING for the player character, only NPCs.  Go to Ultimate Eye Meshes page for meshes for player.

Makes Invisibility Eye Glitch[/url] obsolete with Ultimate Eye Meshes also installed.  No extra script is needed if every facegen in the game is already immune.

Practical Usage:

The purpose of this mod is NOT to be an NPC Overhaul like WICO.  But rather, think of it as a baseline improvement that you can install on top of.

For instance, say you want to use all the Bijin mods and SNNR together.  Sure, alot of NPCs are replaced, but hardly all.  This just fills in the gaps.


Install Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch.  You absolutely MUST have USLEEP installed.  Seriously.  No exceptions.

Next, Install the main file from here.

If you want to use the optional Beast Race Glow file, install it after the main file and allow it to overwrite.

It’s also highly recommended to also install Ultimate Eye Meshes and ENB Eyebrow Fix for Oldrim so the player has all the same improvements as NPCs.

Now you may begin installing your NPC replacer mods of choice over top of the facegens here.

*As part of the “Ruhmastered” series of mods, several NPC replacer mods have already been upgraded to be on par with the facegens here.


Arthmoor for USLEEP

All the modders who made this series of improvements possible as indicated on Ultimate Eye Meshes Ruhmastered, and ENB Eyebrow Fix for Oldrim

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