Vanilla Nude Snow Elf Textures

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To say I was dissatisfied with the male retextures available for the snow elf race is an understatement. The ones I found all either removed the veins which were visible from beneath the skin, added a lot of very black and visible body hair, or made them all completely white, removing the redness from the joints and what-not. So I made this.

I thought of releasing it so that people who wanted the original look for snow elves could have, at the very least, a base to make their own textures from (better and more polished than mine). I am in no way a texture artist, but I tried my best just so it could be playable. The mod, unless I find something wrong with it, has no further uptades to be added, so this is probably the only and final version. KEEP IN MIND: this only replaces the body textures, not the normal map and other things, nothing has been modified from the original textures besides removing the painted-on underwear.

If there is anything else, ask/say away!


– Place of the screens: unfinished world I am building for a new player character.

– Other textures used on the body: The Veteran Skin normal maps, all else is vanilla

– ENB: SnapDragon Prime

– Armored Guy: He is a custom follower I made, he is wearing pieces of armor from Bloodborne and DarkSouls (sword included)

Permissions: Just credit me if you upload the textures somewhere, don’t use them to gain coin, anything else do as you will.

Credits: Bethesda for Skyrim, all those texture artists that made my head hurt about this and pushed me to learn more about texturing stuff (I am not joking or being mean, I really appreciate it! :3 ), the pc I am using at the moment for bearing with me, and my eyes, hands and legs for keeping up with me.

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