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Disgruntled Wombats’ first full release. Huzzah.

Vanilla Races List:

1. Child (normal playstyle)

2. Giant (giant playstyle, third person only)

3. Draugr (draugr playstyle, third person only)

4. Frost Atronarch (beast variant, third person only)

5. Skeleton (draugr variant, third person only)

6. Spriggan (Lefthand magic only, third person only) (Swarm Attack)

7. Mannequin (normal playstyle)

8. Afflicted (normal playstyle)

9. Hagraven (beast variant, third person only)

10. Dremora (normal playstyle)


To get the combat style you want for the Draugr and Skeleton –

Select your weapons (e.g. spell and sword) – then enter ‘showracemenu’ in console,

then select another race and then select back, then finish using racemenu. That’s the only way AFAIK.

To get rid of default hair and eyes (should they show up):

Use Race Menu’s Sculpter, mess around with the head, then select another race, then select your race again. It should be completely gone.

The gameplay for some races is different than normal. So for races like the Frost Atronach or draugr, you won’t be able to equip armors for example.

A giant club is available for giants outside of Riverwood.

Due the tasks time consuming nature (1000’s of entries needing to be edited), the mannequin race won’t be able to equip any pieces of armor. Perhaps in a future update this can be implemented.

Use Customizable Camera if you want to optimize the camera to work better with these races.

Customizable Camera(Omega2008)


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