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Sevdros Nitelas – A toy maker from a small village in Morrowind who has been hired

by Honorhall Orphanage to make toys for the children. He will sell toys at the orphanage

during the day and go home to drink with his dog Viv at night.

Helara Harrier – A former Vigilant of Stendarr who opened up a shop in her home town

of Windhelm to help with Restoration practices. She regularly spends time at the corner

club in the Grey Quarter.

Svathe – Student of the court wizard of Solitude Sybille Stentor. She now sells jewelry out

in the market when not studying.

Achelas – Once a great hunter in the sands of the Alik’r, he now sells books to the kind

people of Whiterun. He will often to to the temple of the dead to pray to Arkay.

Jo’Idzo Arkaphor – A khajiit conjureror and former student of the College of Winterhold.

When the previous master Falion left he decided to leave the college and teach his craft

privately in the stone city of Markarth.


Q: How do I find out the vendors stories?

A: Each one has a journal, you can typically find it near where they sleep.

Q: Can you make patch for X mod?

A: Maybe, depends on many things, though I’ve likely already made patches

for Skyrim’s biggest town mods.

Q: Will you upload to Special Edition?

A: I don’t care for Special Edition, though you are free to port it yourself.

Q: Can she bobs open?

A: Yes, but only if you know how.



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