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You can teleport to Verden.

I have posted some pics how to get to Verden.

Verden has manniquins, weapon racks, soil for planting, tanning rack forge ETC, no smelter use the one in whiterun. I have tested the navmesh with a follower and encountered no problems.

You can post your pics and your video,s with my full consent.

Thank you to the community that supported my other mods by endorsing them.

Requirements:          Dawnguard.Hearthfire.Dragonborn.

Installation:               Just download with Nexus mod manger, Mod organizer or manual,if you want to install it manually,                                                              then you have to extract it into your data file for Skyrim.

Unistallation:            Just untick in mod manger or mod organzier or delete the files you manually installed.

CREDITS:               Many thanks to.                                  

                                       “Varlaisaran for his Adabala Building System – Ayleid Transfusion”                                                                                                                       “lor for resorces”                                                                                                                                                                                                          “Incaendo banners”

                                  “tamira for resorces”   

                                       “Stroti for resorces”

                                       “lor for resorces”

                                       “Oaristys for resorces”


If i have missed giving credit to any one please let me know so i can add them to my thank you list.                                                             

Please remember to endorse mods, it gives modders encouragement to give there mods to the Nexus site, plus we are then made aware we are on the right track with the mods we produce.                                                        


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