Victoria and Gunhilde by Gman749

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I am at work on continuing my NPC project,  along with other updates,  but this was a mod that was mostly done that I wanted to finish up and publish 🙂 these are two characters I’m really happy with and proud of, and I gave them a ton of abilities, safe to say that with either in your party you have a leg up on any foe you may face! 

Victoria is a two handed warrior with extensive vampiric spells and perks. Her default is Steel Plate Armor and she can be found at Highmoon Hall in Morthal. Gunhilde is a one handed fighter with some vampire abilities but an extremely capable melee combatant and destruction master. Her default is Ebony Armor and she can be found at Jorvaaskr in Whiterun. As before with my other vamp Margaux I didn’t make them Vampire race so they are still strong during the day. 


Ancient rivals and powerful vampire followers,  Gunhilde was one of the greatest human warriors of history,  said to have slain the last dragon centuries ago! Her exploits had caught the attention of the vampire Victoria, who rivals even Lord Harkon in strength and sought to seduce and turn Gunhilde into the ultimate instrument of destruction.  She almost succeeded in her goal and only thru sheer luck and incredible willpower was Gunhilde able to stop the Sanguinaris infection by finding a healer minutes before the disease would have been irreversible. However,  due to the infection being in a very advanced stage the priest was only able to partially purge it from her body. The result is Gunhilde retaining many Vampiric powers such as immortality and a good portion of the insatiable bloodlust,  although she has trained tirelessly to control those instincts. No longer trusting herself to be among mortals, Gunhilde has turned to a life of solitude, dedicating her eternal life to protecting mortal civilization from the shadows,  especially now that she has discovered her old nemesis Victoria in Skyrim, scheming to wrest control of the Volkihars from Harkon, whom she believes to be weak, sentimental and unfit to rule.


Gothica Vampire Textures by Heiroglyphics

KS Hairdos Renewal by Kalilies and Stealthic[/url]

Elegant Beauty Skin by AsteriaStarfall[/url]

Elemental Eyes by Achtinyagk

BD Armor UUNP by Baddog

LadyHorus Tera Armor by Lady Horus[/url]

Kai’s Makeup and Warpaints by XarathosHawke[/url]

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