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here it is again but this time I think it’s better.

Viera Race Reborn!

I set them up with scripts this time and you can use any hair mod that is listed as 

All races minus beast

You will need to smooth your ears down in sculpt menu or use a hair mod that covers the Elven ears if it bothers you.

the  Viera bunny ears will show up even if you have a helmet on this time but only if you don’t cover slot 56 as well. if both are covered then your ears will vanish lol.

Race morphs are set to wood elf and armour race is default race. 

might need some testing but I followed this guide:

Race Powers

Racial Powers are set to High elf Magicka regain and Orc Berserk. 

(Reasons for those race Powers): In FFXII Fran goes berserk in a scene when she is overwhelmed by magicks. 

Magicka regain is pretty self explanatory: they are good at magick so I thought regain seems legitimate. 


Two handed: 10

Archery: 5

Light Armour: 5

Destruction: 5

Restoration: 5

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