Vigilance dog replacer – Mastiff by Mihailmods

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“You have to train a good war dog from a pup. Bite your arm clean off otherwise.” 

Now the steadfast war-dog Vigilance who is rumoured to be raised on human flesh will look appropriately ferocious and battle-scarred.

What is this?

A model replacer for Vigilance using assets from Nord Mastiffs and Draugulfs- Elements of Skyrim (mihail immersive add-ons- dog- draugr), Mastiff variant 2. This mod is standalone, you do not need Mihail’s mod or any other mod for this. Contains an esp to change the path of the body of only Vigilance and not affect other dogs.

Additionally Vigilance has been given the “Light Foot” perk so that it does not trigger traps, and also made Protected so the player can kill it but others cannot. No other stat changes other than these mentioned ones have been made.


    [*]Compatible with Requiem with the provided alternate file.

    [*]Incompatible with Automatic Variants, AV replaces all dogs with its own variants when the creatures are loaded. The same incompatibility with Automatic Variants also applies to mods like Vigilance Reborn. It should be possible to fix it by creating and assigning a new “Race” to the creature, I will look into it later.

    [*]Should be compatible with any other mods which do not directly edit Vigilance’s record using an esp.

If any patches are required you can mention it in the comments and I will see if and when I can address them.

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MihailMods for making Nord Mastiffs and Draugulfs- Elements of Skyrim (mihail immersive add-ons- dog- draugr) and allowing use of its assets.

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