Vigilant Of Dawngaurd and Stendarr Armors

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                       Vigilant Dawnguard Armor(s)

Standalone Adds Vigilant of Dawnguard/Stendarr  robed armors both male and female for all races , gaunlets and boots to Make any Vigilant of Stendarr or caster of Dawnguard become a warrior with actual armor not running around like a sweet-roll in cloth lol

1. Can be bought from vendor Gunmar anytime he’s a blacksmith or Just console it.

2. The Armors have the same vampire killing attributes as regular dawngaurd armor meaning the extra damage to vamps.

3. Light Armors Obviously, custom Boots and gauntlets so but not out of the ordinary.

4. Curiass look for the name Vigilant of Dawnguard Armor and Stendarr Vigilant Armor. rest your’ll see vigilant.

Is not added to lvl list do to custom Gauntlets and Boots. (was going too but would prob look glitchy do to differant type of armors.

Endorse and Enjoy 🙂

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