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This is a simple project, I’ve been working on.  It is a simple battle ax. I have tried a new way of making the textures.

The ax is included in the leveled lists. You know the drill guys make a batch patch just in case.

The ax has base dmg of 21 and swings a bit faster than the vanilla steel battle ax:

Vanilla steel battle ax speed is 0.7

Viking ax speed is 0.85.


Simply use mod manager or manually place:

textures, meshes and the Viking_ax.esp into the data folder of you Skyrim SE.


Simply use mod manager or manually delete:

…/textures/weapons/Viking ax folder 

…/meshes/weapons/Viking ax folder

../data Viking_ax.esp plugin


Big thanks to Blender, what a great program!

Substance Painter. Beautiful textures 

To Nexus and all of you guys, nothing will be possible without you!

Also a big shout out to billyro[/url] on nexus who helped me in finding a new way for the textures. You rock man!

And last but not least the cubemaps billyro[/url] provided from Humus

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