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Always been a fan of sprawling skill systems in games. Ordinator was a perfect fit for me for Skyrim. I like the approach of how just making your numbers bigger isn’t the only way to become a better character. People consider it senseless obfuscation, I view it as necessary characterization of my Dovahkiin since Bethesda has lapsed in that regard.

Vokrii, though, just had many good things in it that makes it worth using over Ordinator for some. Not me though, but there are stuff in it that made my kokoro go doki-doki. Thus, this was meme’d into creation.

This mod integrates a number of perks from Vokrii in Ordinator trees, ones I think the latter can benefit from.


Following corpseletter for updates

Not using path of sorcery so i dont port that (but if big if many ask for it i might big might)

ofc Caco patch as well

For more details go visit SE version and drop an endorse cuz its amazing work and he deserves it.

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/99588

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