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Vokun”Shadow” in the dragon tongue.

Vokun is a mysterious guardian of the Dragonborn. He wishes the

Dragonborn get plenty of time cuddling up at home and getting

those sleep perks. If you are out too late…

(between the hours of 2200 – 0600)

you might encounter this creature on your heels and

biting the ankles of anybody who is not the

Dragonborn or current follower.

Vokun is essential and cannot die. He is that special and mysterious.

He is just an average fox starting out at level 5 but will level to the player

up to level 100. So usually he gets scolded by the guards and submits for a little

while until he regains confidence to wreck more havok or

you get the heck out of Dodge before anybody recognizes you.

Don’t worry though, the fox is not a follower in the follower faction and

the NPCs won’t recognize any association you have with

the mysterious creature. In other words, you shouldn’t get

any bounties on your head over anything this fox might do.

And as for what it might do, it all depends on the wild randomness

of a unique Skyrim playthrough and of course also depends

on what other mods you might have to alter the behaviors

or aesthetics of the snow fox.

This is just a very small esp similar to something I had added in my personal

load order that became something funny and hilarious but yet

also annoying eventually. But I can’t get rid of him because I grew attached

to the gremlin.

Ver. 1.1

I remembered I put him in a holding cell somewhere in Oblivion on standby

with Ma’iq the Liar so I thought to be nice enough to give them 2 friendship status.

I also decided the fox should be more lenient on the weekends and let the

Dragonborn get their groove on or whatever they do down at the

Bannered Mare.

Have Fun!

Not responsible for questlines going crazy because of chaos caused

by this fox because of the start of a new war or something. Vulnerable NPCs could get killed in the rubble.

Even if you are just a spectator.

Mods that give more control over outcomes of in-game chaos are strongly recommended.

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