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Have you ever climbed the Jarl’s balcony in Whiterun? The city feels kind of small, for a city that you first enter, it is at least supposed to look big. Well that is my goal. I’m working on a mod that makes Whiterun large by walling the windmills and everything to the first river, mountain, or watchtower. I will also be adding a lot of houses and people, to populate the city a little. Now to enter Whiterun you will have to go through the gate that is located on the road, and only by that the city will feel larger. I will also be improving already existing walls, and with that the city will finally be looking like a proper city, not just a random town smacked there in the game just for sidequests.

You dont need anything installed except skyrim for this mod (obviously), and it is compatible with all mods. With some mods it might overlap textures, so dont install any whiterun exteriors if you have this mod. All whiterun interiors will still work , and no overlaping inside the city will happen. Any structure inside the walls (after the hill that you pass after exiting riverwood, before the river in the east and before the pond in the west that comes out of the whiterun walls) might overlap, but on the first version that i release it wont, so when it updates the first time you will need to disable this mod or other mods that overlap.

The mod is not finished yet, but in a few days it will be, im a starter in modding, and any help or feedback will be accepted gladly.

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