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                           I don’t know if anybody did a mod that does the same thing.

                                           If there was one please let me know! 


This Mod Only Contains Greatswords For Now!

      Hopefully I’m able to change the text after publishing it. 



             It’s a mod that aims to make weapons into arrows.


            Well, It started as a joke at first with my brother but then it got serious (kinda). And If the tag doesn’t fit. It’s because I’m not sure if the immersive tag fits better or the joke one. But I think the immersive tag goes better. Since it became less funny but more of like a chore, the more I worked on it.

            Their damages are 1.5 higher than the arrow of the same type (I’m not good at balancing stuff) e.g. A steel arrow does 10 base damage multiply it by 1.5 and you get 15 damage (I think this example was unnecessary). And their values are same as their arrow versions. Well, making these more balanced is going to depend on your feedback (Idk why would anyone care about giving it).  

            The thing is, it kind of lacks some of the set items. Here is the very short list of things it lacks (and explanations below them, you can skip them obviously):

   *  Glass Greatsword

 Idk why but it was seperated instead of being a whole sword (my brother said it could be because of chillrend). So I didn’t really bother with it for now but I’ll see what I can do. And hopefully get it right. 

   *  Dragonbone Greatsword

 This one is even stranger. Why did Bethesda make arrows and quivers as a whole model? I will probably never find the answer for it.



           All of the items that were added can be forged. For now, they use the same recipes as their sword counterpart except they use one less ingot depending on their type. And they can be made by using their sword counterparts aswell e.g. A Steel Greatsword could be used to forge  Steel Greatsword Arrow (Shocking, right?). Regardless of which one you choose, you will get 4 of them.


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