Wenches Are Not Soldiers

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This mod is to randomize tavern wenches’ outfits. Because Wenches Are Not Soldiers.

When I first played Skyrim back in 2012, I wondered why all wenches in all holds wore the same dress and the same boots.

As if they were a company of soldiers badly disguised or members of a not-so-secret society or sect. 

Then, I once came across a wonderful mod by MrTroubleMaker – Tavern Clothes[/url].

So I thought it could be a good idea to dress some of NPC in the game in the nice clothes from the mod. 

Finally, I took my time and threw up this small mod. 

From now on, each wench that used to wear the vanilla tavern wench outfit will be given a random set of clothes at each start of a new game.

No two wenches will look the same anymore. 

Still, there is one piece of clothing all of them share. They will wear a garter on their right thigh as their “badge of office”.

The garter comes from Anano’s Alexia’s Catgarter – UNP

The outfits are as follows:

Clothing:                   Body slot:            Comments:

Footwear                  37                        A variety of vanilla footwear plus sandals from MrTroubleKaker’s mod

Bodice                      32                        From MrTroubleKaker’s mod

Skirt                          52                        From MrTroubleKaker’s mod

Panties                     45                        From MrTroubleKaker’s mod

Garter                       60                        From Alexia’s mod

The mod is made with the UNP (UNPB) body in mind. 

A side effect of this mod is that if you have another mod installed that forces NPCs to disrobe from time to time, such as Sleep Tight or Go To Bed, the wenches will be dressed differently every time they get out of bed. 

If you don’t like what your wench wears, you can for to console mode (‘~’ key), click the wench you want to change her outfit, and type ‘resetinventory’ command.

Voila, you have a different combination of clothes. 

This mod will conflict with any other mod that changes wenches’ outfits or relies on such outfits. 

For instance, if you run the RadPr mod from a certain adult-oriented site, where the wench outfit is used as work clothes, the mod’s quest lines will be messed up. 

You need MrTroubleMaker – Tavern Clothes[/url] mod install for this mod to work. Make shure you have TavernClothes-MTM.esp in your load order above this mod.

I have a kind permission from MrTroubleMaker to use his assets in my mod.

Meshes and textures from Anano’s Catgarter – UNP are included in the mod archive. I could not get in touch with Anano for a permission. The source mod has not been updated since 2012, so if Anano or a successor want their assets to be removed from my mod, I will do so immediately. 

You can do anything you want with this mod, but not monetizing it or any assets used therein. I did not create any meshes or textures used in this mod. If you want to use them in your creations, please request the permission from the respective esteemed authors (see the links above).

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/96740

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