Werewolf Puppy (Modders Resource)

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First of all, people are free to use this remodel as a modders resource and include it in their mods, such as those who add more creatures to the leveled lists, etc. If you do, please give a heads-up so I can see your work <3

This mod features a new werewolf mesh that has been remodelled to resemble a child version of the vanilla werewolf – Smaller arms, smaller claws, smaller tail, bigger head and bigger eyes. And yes, I gave it a somewhat round belly… Pups gotta have some baby-fat, right? 🙂

So far the plugin itself adds the individual werewolf pup race (unplayable), and a spellbook that teaches you a spell that summons a werewolf pup to aid you in battle. The spell is Apprentice level and the book can be found in a strongbox inside the Whiterun Underforge.

Note: I wanted to make a standalone transformation spell for the werewolf puppy, but I lack the ability to script such a lesser power without touching the player werewolf quest. If someone would manage to pull it off, I’d be more than happy!

I’m also planning to intergrate more patches for child follower mods together with my Werewolf Followers tweak.

So far I’ve made a patch which requires BFA – BeeingFemale Addon for RSChildren

Feel free to send me suggestions of what more child-friendly follower mods I should make patches for.

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/98039

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