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So with GoT ending and the death of all the Others, I figured might as well make a mod for them. You can play as either male or female, using whatever body type you have installed and includes a UNP texture addon. 


    [*]Two White Walker Followers located at the Frozen Hearth Inn in Winterhold (Marriageable)

    [*]More Vanilla Hair, Eyes and Mouth types. (This allows more racial diversity, like Redguard or Akaviri White Walkers)

    [*]Three custom eye textures (two by me and one by dumle35)

    [*]Two custom Warpaints

    [*]A custom textured standalone version of the Kynreeve Armor by Elleh for male and female (Does not have the hood or mask)

Starting Race Abilities

    [*]White Walker Resistance 

    [*]Frost, Poison & Disease 100%

    [*]Wight Thrall (Just like Dead Thrall, but one handed)

    [*]Other’s Ice Spear (Does more damage)

    [*]Conjure Wight (Summons an Undead Wight for 120 seconds, dark souls perk allows a stronger Wight to be summoned)


Only the main Skyrim, doesn’t need any dlc. I did this since Steam & Bethesda took down the LE download, so anyone buying old rim from them can play.


    [*]Free to edit and mod anything than I did

    [*]Do not upload on other sites (I plan on it only being here and my own site)

To do List:

    [*]The Other style armor and spear

    [*]Child Walkers and Wights (Because that spooks the hell out of me)

    [*]More custom eyes, only three atm

    [*]Custom Spells (So many to create)

    [*]Night King Hair

    [*]White Walker spear spell. Race specific spells that allows players to spawn a temporary 2h and throwing weapons.

    [*]FoMod this thing

    [*]Create a Night King companion or Boss if SartanMor or someone else doesn’t beat me to it.

    [*]Maybe create a White Walker city and themed player home


    [*]ATM one of the only issues I saw was during character creation using different head textures causes the face to change color.

    [*]I made the original female textures for CBBE, so the UNP addon might not look as good. Since I don’t have UNP installed I went by color matching in PS and in OutStudio. If anyone finds issues just post a screenshot and I’ll work on it.

    [*]There should be none, well I can’t find any. Works with all the character customization mods that I know of, doesn’t need any race compatibility mods and the male skin is ready for SOS. As far as SOS goes, I didn’t add a privy member yet. Not sure how I feel about White Walker shagging, but if enough people want it I’ll put up an addon. 


Kynreeve Armor by Elleh (Thanks a lot for everything)

dumle35’s Glowing Eyes v4 (Used the blue glowing eye, thanks for letting people use your assets)

Recommended Mods

Rise of the legend – Ysgramor by newermind43 (Is a really good looking dark Nord style Armor)

The Four Horses of the Apocalypse by joebenz (Drools…The Death horse…)

Coldharbour Resummoned by Aipex8 (Perfect for any White Walker player)

Rotten Maidens by Mihail Romanov (Great for making Thralls)

Undead Horse by jeffs14 (Great horse texture replacement for Shadowmere)

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/97748

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