Whiterun Watchtower Rebuilt

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[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]Whiterun Watchtower


[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]Description[/font][font=Lucida Sans Unicode]

[/font][font=Lucida Sans Unicode]The Western Watchtower is completely destroyed, the only remains of the dragon attack are ruins. But what can you do about it? Nothing. This mod changes that. Western Watchtower Rebuilt gives you the option to rebuild the watchtower after the initial attack and also gives you the option to restore a lower part of the ruined towers interior for personal use.

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]Q: How do I get the keys to the watchtower?

A: Sometime after the Quest “Dragon Rising” a Courier will approach you with a letter.
[/font][font=Lucida Sans Unicode] Alternatively you can access a cave through the abandoned well and there loot a corpse which has a key and a letter.

Q: Can this Mod be used with the Skyrim Special Edition?

A: Yes.

Q: Which DLCs are required?

A: The Hearthfire DLC is required for this Mod to function.

Q: Why does “X” not work for me?

A: I dont know. Please write a bug report and I will try to fix the issue ASAP.

Q: Can I skip rebuilding the tower?

A: Not really. But you can download the version 2.0.1 where you didn’t have to do that.

Q: Does this work when I already completed “Dragon Rising”?

A: Yes it should.

 [/font][font=Lucida Sans Unicode]Features[/font][font=Lucida Sans Unicode]

[/font][font=Lucida Sans Unicode]A cavern with an unique sky steel greatsword

A more fitting dialogue option when talking to Balgruuf

An overhaul of the watchtowers landscape

An overhaul of the watchtowers overall look
[/font][font=Lucida Sans Unicode]

The option to rebuild the ruined walls

A “hireable” Blacksmith

A craftable wooden gate for the entrance

A self-furnishable player home inside the tower

Exterior Furniture for the Western Watchtower

Workbenches at the in- & exterior

and more…
[font=Lucida Sans Unicode] 

[/font][font=Lucida Sans Unicode]Issues & Compatibility[/font]
[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]Minor Navmesh Issues

Old LOD (LoadOnDistance) Model
[/font][font=Lucida Sans Unicode]

Incompatible with mods that change nearby area

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/98073

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