Whiterun Well – A Beginner Friendly Player Home

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Whiterun Well – A Beginner Friendly Player Home


What does this mod do ?

This mod transforms the well in Whiterun into a simple player home for beginner characters.


What type of character would want to live in a well ?

This home is perfect for :

thieves, assassins, spies, alchemists, necromancers, vampires, murderhobos (adventurers)

You get the idea…

How do i get this house ?

Just find the entrance (it’s not hard to find), the house is FREE.

What features does it have ?

Simplicity is key :

A convenient position.

One bedroll, one alchemy lab, one arcane enchanter, plenty of (safe) storage and some clutter.

Oh, and you can also turn the lights on and off…

And you can even fastravel from inside your house.

The house is also fully navmeshed but with more that one follower/dead thrall it gets cramped.

Where’s my forge, workbench, smelter, tanning rack ?

Adrianne’s forge / the Skyforge are nearby, a small walk is good for your health.

Is this home Frostfall friendly ?

Yes, once inside you’ll be protected from rain/snow and you’ll be warm/comfortable.

Why would i want to use such a house when (insert player home) has X, Y, Z features ?

Not everybody want to live into a fully decorated castle full of clutter, NPCs

and with every crafting station immaginable plus a sauna that you’re never going to use…

I like simplicity, if you don’t that’s fine but it means that this mod is probably not for you.

DLC Requirements ?

No  DLC required.

How do i install this mod ?

Use NMM or simply drop the ESP file into your data folder.

Known bugs ?

No known bugs so far, everything is working as intended.

Is you notice any bugs (other than roaches) please report them.

Is this mod compatible with X, Y, Z ?

No known compatibility issues so far.

Since this mod just adds a player home it should be compatible with almost anything.

It may not be compatible with city overhauls that change Whiterun.

Placing this mod last in your load order might solve some compatibility issues.

Does this mod work with Skyrim Special Edition ?

It may or may not work, i play Old Skyrim; let me know if it works with SE Skyrim.

I really like this mod, will you make more homes like this ? How can i support you ?

First of all thank you ! ^_^

I have a few ideas for other simple player homes but no promises, i only have so much free time.

You can support me by endorsing and/or sharing this mod.

Watching and/or leaving a like to the above YouTube video is cool too !


This mod was inspired by Bottom of the Well (from InfiniteUltima), he gets credits for the idea.

However (just to clarify) i did not use any of his assets, i built my mod from scratch.

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/95895

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