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This is a painstakingly tweaked natural woman body for UUNP BodySlide, with a feminine but well-developed appearance.  Every body-part slider (except a few weird bits like nipple direction) adjusts between 0 and 100 weight, like a woman naturally putting on healthy weight (this isn’t a “boobs and butt suddenly balloon outward” BodySlide).  It involves believable amounts of gravity, and isn’t a “levitating giants breasts” or “huge cartoon bubble booty” approach, either.

Comes in Several Variants

Pick the appropriate ones for building different kinds of outfits around:

    [*] Added Gravity – even more gravity than Bare, to use as nude body if you don’t have HDT and thus don’t get the in-game gravity applied automatically to body parts. Can be used with HDT for a more mature body.

    [*] Bare – the glorious birthday suit! This is the base form from which the others were derived, and is for use as the (youthful) nude body in an HDT game.

    [*] Light Clothing – very slight push-up-and-in effect.

    [*] Medium Gear – noticeable push-up-and-in effect, some cleavage added, and nipples suppressed a little

    [*] Tight Gear – strong push-up-and-in, max cleavage, flattened nipples; for rigid armor (this will look bizarre as a nude body).

    [*] Xtra Push-up – max cleavage and push-up, but no nipple flattening; for cloth corsets, bodices, bras, etc. 

Each has progressively more push-in-and-up effect, especially on the breasts, but also a little on the caboose, except that Xtra Pushup is basically the Light Clothing version but with a bodice-cleavage effect.

The Look

The first screenshots show the weight progression and push-up variants in BodySlide, without HDT gravity; see the screens after that for the real in-game look. The screens are annotated as to weight and variant. The Videos tab has several demo clips, recorded on a potato in a low-res game and without an ENB preset.  If it looks this good under those conditions ….

This body is intended to look as natural as possible, with or without HDT, and shows believable gravity.  It’s an alternative to all the “stripper made of silicone” bodies.  At 0 weight, it’s lean and athletic but still feminine (you can muscle it up with normal maps, though), and at 100 weight it’s like a 1950s pinup.  The range is wide enough for variety if you use this as your default, game-wide female body like I do.

The body is rather glorious in a lot of clothing mods, especially those for which hips are a major factor (and even some vanilla outfits – try out New Hroki Replacer (I would argue the best NPC replacer ever) with this body and in her default tavern wench outfit (using the Light Clothing version of these slidersets). I recommend using FNIS Sexy Move to give your followers a more womanly gait (not an exaggerated “model walk”, but any of the several walks included in it will bring this body to proper life).

If you only like skinny girls and bubble butts and rubber boobies you likely won’t care for this.  If you’re the opposite, I hope you’ll appreciate the time I spent on this.  I tweaked it dozens of times over three months.


I noticed that meat and other food is all over the place in Skyrim, but life is otherwise very tough. Hardly anyone even has a horse. They walk everywhere, fight all the time, eat a lot, and have to carry everything manually, and half of them are armored most or all of the time.

The people of Skyrim are survivors who get a lot of exercise in a plentiful but dangerous land. The body thus looks well-fed and quite active, with strong calves.  Nice feminine tummy.  It’s reasonably chesty but not a fantasy mod. Has womanly hips (of a sort I like a lot but don’t find in BodySlides very often), substantial thighs, a sloped and heart-shaped butt.  It’s pretty thick at 100-weight, but that was the intent.  No one seems to be obese in Skyrim (and this mod retains a sexy hip-to-waist ratio), but the average barkeep or bandit sorceress shouldn’t look like a bulimic swimwear model (or a poledancer paying off plastic surgery bills).

Model-wise, it’s based in part on some specific women (various athletes, models, actresses, etc., and some of my exes.  >;-)  It isn’t a re-creation of anyone in particular, but a blend of features, and partly inspired by Art Nouveau ladies (late Victorian to early-20th-century art), especially in the works of Alfons Mucha, though hip-to-waist aesthetics have changed a bit in the intervening century, so I’ve leaned modern on that (though stopping way short of the Iggy Azalea tiny-waist-with-giant-booty look).

Requirements Installation

Just like any other BodySlide set, manually (drag and drop the archive’s CalienteTools folder to your game’s Data folder and let it merge), or with a mod manager.

Usage Tips

    [*] I strongly recommend editing BodySlide’s Config.xml, and changing the <GameDataPath> line to point to a temporary “holding pen” folder (e.g. BodySlide export on your desktop).  By default, BodySlide overwrites your “live” game files, and that’s crazy.  You can have the <Skyrim> line under <GameDataPaths> (note the s at the end there) pointing to your real game folder (that’s where it reads some stuff from, not where it writes to). Copy your DataTexturesActorsCharacterFemale directory into your new output holding folder, so basic textures are available to BodySlide.  Now, when you work in BodySlide, you export to your holding directory, to make sure you like what you see, then merge those output files into your game’s real Data directory.  If you have BodySlide 4.7.1. or later, the custom holding directory path you used in <GameDataPath> should also appear just below it in <OutputDataPath>, (possibly only in that line; the change in the XML options from 4.7.0 to 4.7.1 hasn’t been documented, and this bears some additional testing). I would suggest also adding, just before the closing </Config> at the bottom of the file, this line: <WarnBatchBuildOverride>true</WarnBatchBuildOverride> (it will help you manage conflicting outfit sets that try to output to the same filenames, e.g. HDT and non-HDT versions of things).

    [*] Run BodySlide and pick this body’s nude version in the top selector. Click the Preview button, and you can get an idea what it looks like in-game (though this does not show HDT gravity, and will look more push-up that it really is in-game).

    [*] You can then tell it to generate the body. Turn on the “Generate Morphs” option at bottom left for .TRI files used for weight morphing, and click “Batch Build”, and select Unified UNP Special for body, hands, and feet (unless you’re sure you want some other body mesh set – UUNP Special does require HDT).  Generate these.  If you like how the results look in NIFSkope or Outfit Studio (remembering that the real game has more gravity), go ahead and merge these new meshes into your live game folder. Backing up the original meshes first is advisable.

    [*] Next, pick this body’s medium gear version, and go back into Batch Build and build all available clothing and armor outfits.  You need to install these separately. Just search Skyrim Nexus for “UUNP vanilla” and you’ll find a bunch. What you want to start with is a UUNP replacer for all vanilla female clothing and armor, then as you add mod outfits look for UUNP BodySlides for them (and avoid those that don’t include them or don’t have them available from someone else).

    [*] As you play the game, take note of outfits you’d rather have less or more of a push-in-and-up effect on, and regenerate those ones in particular for the light clothing version (closer to the nude shape, less push in-and-up), or heavy clothing version (more butt and especially breast compression – great for solid plate cuirasses). You can use the “xtra” push-up version for cloth bodices that aren’t heavy armor, as it has cleavage without nipple flattening.  As you add outfits to BodySlide, you’ll find that various sets apply HDT to armor they shouldn’t (e.g. a steel chest piece bobbling around like bare breasts). It takes experimentation to figure out which meshes from which collections work best for which outfits.  See the Videos section of this mod, and you’ll note that when I put chesty Marla in a metal outfit, the boob-bouncing stopped. That’s because I generated that outfit with a non-HDT top.

    [*] If you find that some outfits clip badly, you can use BodySlide’s included Outfit Studio to adjust them, but this takes a lot of practice, and this isn’t the place for a tutorial on that.  You may find that some BodySlide outfits include the wrong body in them (e.g. breasts will erupt through the gear), or just kind of suck (e.g. bra tops that do not wrap properly around the breasts, underwear that seems to “hover” around the body and isn’t close enough to the skin to be realistic, etc.).  Again, that’s fixable with a lot of work, but this isn’t the place to get into it. It’s just a general BodySlide issue, with any body models you use.

    [*] If you don’t use HDT, use the Added Gravity version as nude, original Bare version for light clothes, and Medium version as push-up for tight gear.  This will compensate for you not having automatic HDT gravity applied to bodyparts in-game.


This isn’t based on anyone else’s preset; it’s all-new, right from the default shapes available in BodySlide.  I don’t restrict re-use or redistribution in any way, just please credit me if you use it or build something based on it.

Credit to Caliente and Ousnius for BodySlide and Outfit Studio, and to dimon99 for the original UNP body on which UUNP is based.  I think btn2k3, Halofarm, and HeroeDeLeyeda are to credit for UUNP (UNP rebuilt on top of CBBE to work in BodySlide).

The name is, of course, a reference to songs by Marvin Rainwater, The Contours, AC/DC, and (much more recently) Kelly Clarkson.  Compared to some exaggerated BodySlides, some might not think it lives up to the name, but it captures what I was after: a hot, meaty woman who could probably kick your ass.

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/97062

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